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Make the right decisions with accurate and reliable data

Have the best experts work for you. With a service based flexible arrangement.

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We help you unify and structure the data to boost your company's results with the right dashboards

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Data expectations are high 

Reliable data is valuable asset for any business. You need data for making decisions, understand the business context, or measuring your performance. You also need to report to your investors. You are expected to know your data, be able to analyse it, build your visualisations and all that without dedicated manpower.

Your data reality

Fast growing companies usually put most of their focus on technology, product development and sales, not on data. The product has usually is developed in an unplanned way and as the company has been growing multiple inhouse and third party sources have been added along the way. Moreover, the data sources are usually have different formats and structures.


Having a data team is challenging

When it comes to hiring, good data professionals are expensive and hard to find, so the data governance is frequently delegated to developers or engineers, while the leaders keep managing the company using a bunch of spreadsheets.

You need the data upgrade

As the company keeps expanding, making well informed decisions is key, however the handcrafted data solutions are usually not sufficient, and building the proper data function becomes a must.

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If you recognize your organization in a similar scenario, you will certainly benefit from the arrangement with us.

What will the arrangement look like?


From the very beginning we embed with your team. Our relation is a partnership based on trust and transparency. We get serious about understanding your business. Our expertise suited to your context converts us in your best data advisor.


We work with you in a highly adaptive model. We follow your priorities and goals, and our dedication is adjusted to what your company really needs. We won't overwhelm you with tons of PowerPoints. Instead, we get the real stuff done!

Cost effective

We are efficient. We have done many times what you want us to do, so you can expect productivity and high quality. Hiring us, you get the value for money plus you save on costs related to permanent employees such as social security, benefits or stock options.


What will you get from us? 

Part-time Chief Data Officer

Data planning, architecture definition, data warehouse implementation.



Answer strategic questions with data. Integrated, reliable and accurate data 24/7. Monitoring key metrics of your company


Data engineering, analytic tools, data advisory for inhouse data team



Due Diligence on portfolio companies and dealflow

Reporting based on reliable data. Dashboard arrangement for Boards

Hands-on data department

Fully or partially outsourced data organization (data analysts, data engineers, data scientists)


"We knew we could take advantage of product analytics, but we were concerned about deployment. There were many people involved and maintaining consistency among markets and platform was a challenge. But then we started working with Meviser, who came in and helped us with the tooling, definitions and processes needed to run a successful implementation."

Javier Figarola, CEO @ ABA English

Don’t take our word for it, ask to talk to our clients.

Case Studies

From zero to fully functional data warehouse


Housfy asked us for help to improve the way they work with the data. We work hands-on with them to implement a professional, cutting edge data solution. Chris Twamley, companies' Head of Data & Analytics, says:


"We are glad to run this project with you. The result is that the business now have more data than they ever had, the users access the data more frequently than they ever did, and they keep asking for more. I believe that your solution will form part of this company for several years"

We work with a variety of technologies

Analyze data from all your  sources in a single place. We have expertise in +50 most common platforms. Something missing? We'll figure it out for you.

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Contact us to resolve your doubts

Still not very convinced? That's perfectly fine. By contacting us there is no commitment on your side. We offer you having an open, honest conversation and find out if there is a match between what you need and what we do!

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Who we are

Who we are?

We're a data advisory firm that helps teams professionalize data usage with better systems, processes, and knowledge. Born as a spin-off Barcelona Data Institute, we asociate the best professionals in the sector. Becoming our client means you understand the data is a fundamental tool in your decision-making, while you need help with its efficient use. We work alongside you, to fix your data problems, upskill your teams, and transform your data into the information you need.

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